Current Combined Test Point Standings

Below are the tentative FINAL Combined Test Points as of 12/2/14.  Any corrections must be submited to Mary Margaret by December 7th.  

Points have been earned by MSEDA members with horses activated as of the event date. For these points to count at year end, the competitor must have fulfilled the volunteer requirements. (For a full explanation of the awards process, please see Rules and Guidelines.  Please contact the points chairman if you have any questions or corrections. Mary Margaret Sterling 859 987-0661.  

Combined Test Points as of 12/2/14  
Results received from:    
Cov Bridge Blackhorse 6 HAL  
P Frazer Holmes Blackhorse 8  
Sayre Ante 7 Ante 8  
W Trace Blackhorse 7    
Black Lorraine Ari 3
Fox Eve Glamour Girl 4
Fullerton Jolene Ariaaz 12
Gabbard Grace Doc Charlie 2
Grulke Eric Bandit 4
Hansen Sydnie Sonny's Impressive Knight 4
Howser Emily SRC Laurel Bay 2
Hubsch Hannah Ashbourne's Cooper 3
Hubsch Hannah Ashbourne's Boss 1
Juckett Clara I Need a Hug 4
Kephart Gracelyn Carlie McClearin 1
McPeak Sue Positive Split 2
Messner Lowelle Tessie's Brite Star 5
Price Trish Waverly 1.5
Sowinski Rachel Southern Awe 4
Beginner Novice    
Anderson Molly Up For The Challenge 3
Barnette Jerry Sir Priceless 10
Carroll Declan Smart Talk 5
Coleman Vanessa Arcturus 4
Corsentino Laura Gravitas 10
Fink Allison Rapidash 1
Fox Mia Sport Tracker 5
Fullerton Jolene Ariaaz 7
Green Cosby Doodlebug 0.5
Hansen Sydnie Sonny's Impressive Knight 1
Holmes Meritt Gandalf III 3
Howland Lindsey Copenhaegen 5
Howser Emily SRC Laurel Bay 4
Juckett Clara I Need a Hug 4
Kelly Rachel It's Just George 3
Kerr Alston Sir Earl Grey 13
Long Lindsey General Countdown 3
Massa Leah Danny 4
McCurry Sydney Forget Me Not 2
McPeek Jenna Apache 2
Miles Rachel Rusty 1.5
Morris Whitney Carry Me Home 1
Pullen Erin Strider Can Fly 5
Quick Kelly Better Than Chocolate 5
Schaefer Katie Lunar Eclipse 1
Snowden Leah Ormolu 3
Whitehouse Marty Felpz 4
Winn Karen Shawkillito 2
Alexander Katherine Denira 4
Barnette Jerry Sir Priceless 4
Carlisle Lauren Junior Mint 5
Coleman Vanessa Arcturus 2
Corsentino Laura Gravitas 10
Duncan Susie Petra 7
Holmes Meritt Gandalf III 1
Howland Lindsey Copenhaegen 5
Kerr Alston Sir Earl Grey 4
Long Lindsey General Countdown 1
McCurry Sydney Forget Me Not 5
Miles Rachel Casanova 4
Northruop Megan Jeffrey 1
Pullen Erin Tag 1
Quick Kelly Better Than Chocolate 12
Recknor Melissa Fly Lite 3
Ryan Allaire Tax Man 1
Scott Tracy Night Flight 3
Snowden Leah Ormolu 1
Steele Cheryl Irish Whiskey 6.5
Thompson Karen Shakespeare in Love 3
Barnette Jerry Sir Sheldon 2
Czerwonka Anne Two Punch 2
Duncan Susie Petra 8
Juckett Evelyn Shoshone 3
Kimmel Pam Special Performance 5
Massa Elizabeth Caramelo 4
Miles Rachel Casanova 4
Newton Will Antebellum Q 4
Papke Jane Norman 5
Scott Tracy Night Flight 7
Thompson Paige Wreckless Of Zipping 2
Tilghman Emma Widespread Panic 1
Walden Hope Lily Langtry 3
Huhn Jeniffer Raindance 1
Kimmel Pam Midnight Special 2
Kowalski Nicole Ballinagore Knight 6
Fuller-Matheny Jeri Master Oliver 2
Newton Chris Antebellum Jewel 5
Thompson Paige Wreckless Of Zipping 4
Walden Hope Lily Langtry 5
Newton Chris Antebellum Jewel 1