Current Combined Test Point Standings

Below are the Combined Test Points as of 8/19/15.  Any corrections must be submited to Mary Margaret.  

Points have been earned by MSEDA members with horses activated as of the event date. For these points to count at year end, the competitor must have fulfilled the volunteer requirements. (For a full explanation of the awards process, please see Rules and Guidelines.  Please contact the points chairman if you have any questions or corrections. Mary Margaret Sterling 859 987-0661.  

  MSEDA Points 2015: Combined Tests  
  Results received from    
  CBPC W Trace    
  Walnut Crk Black Horse 6    
  Paul Frazer Flying Cross 6    
  Sayre Black Horse 7    
  Ohio U      
11 Cindy Alvano WAPS James Dean    
3 Emily Bence   TC Sacred Holly    
4 Emma Drury Mr. Tuxedo    
6 Cheryl Steele Melody    
  Beg Novice      
3 Lauren Carlisle Junior Mint    
1 Anastasia Curwood Special Dark    
5 Shawna Dietrich Nando    
1 Kristina Kreutzer Shedroe Warrior    
1 Elissa Martin Ay Kirumba!    
0.5 Whitney Morris Carry Me Home    
3 Tracy Scott Demply Town    
5 Shelly Simpson C.T.S. Casey    
2.5 Kendall Stripplehoff Yacht Club    
4 Ashley Van Meter Riot in the Heart    
3 Alison Wilaby Mr Mile High    
5 Alison Wilaby Notorious    
2 Laura Wilhelm And Loving It    
4 Jerry Barnette Jr Sir Priceless    
3 Sydney Blackburn Oliver Twist    
1 Carolyn Brock Garryduff Clover    
1 Elizabeth Egan Seeking The Sluice    
3 Caroline Greathouse Henery VIII    
4 Cosby Green Doodlebug    
5 Erin Pullen Strider Can Fly    
1 Tracy Scott Demply Town    
5 Tracy Scott Night Flight    
4 Tiffany Smith Indigenous Gent    
3 Laura Wilhelm And Loving It    
2 Sydney Blackburn Oliver Twist    
1 Susie Duncan Petra    
1 Elizabeth Egan Seeking The Sluice    
5 Hannah Hubsch Bethel Park    
1 Jackie Lemastus Exmoor Denver    
5 Rachel Miles Casanova    
4 Sharon Miller Ethan    
2 Emily Rausch Tobias    
3 Rachel Sketo Chant des Artes    
3 Tiffany Smith Indigenous Gent    
1 Kate Berta Bourbon    
1 Betsy French Aberlour    
5 Nicole Kowalski Ballinagore Knight    
2 Sharon Miller Ethan    
3 Paige Thompson Wreckless of Zipping