Wet Weather Woes


When it comes to rain, often it’s either feast or famine, and this year we’ve been feasting on the wet stuff. While the summer showers keep the grass green, they also keep the pastures muddy, which leads to a bevy of equine ailments, the most common of which are rain rot and dew poisoning.

MSEDA 2015 Scholarship Recipient Reese Koffler-Stanfield's Experience at the Stephan Clark Trainer's Conference

This year I was honored to receive the 2015  MSEDA Training Grant.  The Grant enabled me to attend the USDF/FEI Trainer’s Conference and Certified Instructor’s Training Session in Wellington Florida.  The guest speaker/judge for the Trainer’s Conference was Mr. Stephen Clarke.  Although I have always admired Mr. Clarke and his training philosophies, listening to him speak so passionately about his work with trainers, horses, and riders was inspirational.  His dedication and enthusiasm for improving the quality of training in the sport horse industry certainly made this conference a favorite for many in attendance.


A few weeks ago, representatives from KDA met with Park Officials to discuss the plan for the improvements to the Dressage Complex at the Horse Park. Sheila Woerth has been working non-stop on this project and I wanted to share with you parts of the proposal she gave to the KHP.

Quote from the proposal – ‘The purpose of our meeting today is to show you our proposal to transform the KHP Dressage Complex into an exceptional dressage facility to match the other competition areas of the park and to discuss the money we already have amassed to contribute to this project. The Dressage Complex needs 5 competition rings, 5 warm-up rings, and a new 3,000sq.ft. Show Office, new lighting, sound system, and landscaping. All the rings need to be elevated, surrounded by 6" x 6" treated wood, have a Geotextile cover between the underlying layers of rock with PVC pipes with holes, called drainage tiles by the engineers, and 5 inches of Ecotrack footing.”

Current Volunteer Hours

Below are the tentative Volunteer Hours as of 11/1315.  Any corrections must be submited to Mary Margaret.   Please contact Mary Margaret Sterling 859 987-0661, immediately if you have any corrections.

Current Dressage Points Standings

Below are the Dressage Points as of 11/16/15.  Any corrections must be submited to Mary Margaret.  

Current Horse Trials Point Standings

Below are the Horse Trials Points as of 11/16/15.  Any corrections must be submited to Mary Margaret.  

Current Combined Test Point Standings

Below are the Combined Test Points as of 11/16/15.  Any corrections must be submited to Mary Margaret.  

Congratulations to the 2014 MSEDA Year End Award Winners!


MSEDA Board Supports Hoosier Horse Park Water Complex

As you may know the Indiana Eventing Association is in the process of building a new water complex at the Hoosier Horse Park. The complex was designed and is being built by Jon Wells, a very well-known and respected builder.


Take part in our annual NAJYRC Cross Country Jump Decorating Contest. A fun way to show your team spirit and creativity, the winner will be awarded a 2016 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event Tailgate space!
Use flowers to represent the colors of your area/zone/region, make the jump themed to display where you are from, or just have fun with decorating and try to win the tailgate prize. Businesses, organizations and other groups are encouraged to join in as well.