Mid-South Eventing & Dressage Association

COVID-19 Recommendations for MSEDA Schooling Shows Based on US Equestrian Federation COVID-19 Action Plan

Revised June 2, 2020


Entries online only if at all possible

Any changes to be done electronically

Require temperature checks for all volunteers, officials, competition staff and essential workers to be done by EMT or designated individual.  Anyone with a temperature of 100.4 or higher may not enter the facility. Keep a log with temps recorded.

Anyone who:

-exhibits COVID-19 symptoms,

-has tested positive for COVID-19 within last two weeks, or

-has been in contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 within the last two weeks

Cannot enter the competition grounds

Organizer will provide masks, gloves and hand sanitizer to volunteers.

Riders, trainers to provide their own PPE

Social distancing in office.  Mark areas to line up maintaining social distancing outside the office area.

No spectators or non-essential personnel such as guests are allowed on the competition grounds.

Parents of minor children are permitted.


No one allowed in barns unless they are boarding a horse in that barn.

If stalls are rented out for the show there must be an empty stall on each side of horse.

No tack stalls.  No mingling in the barn area.

Trailer In

Park far enough apart to allow social distancing.  Do not hang around after finishing your competition.


Visual bit checks only.  No touch.  Any questionable equipment will be visually checked by TD at the barn or trailer after their test.

Scribe and Judge must maintain social distancing.  Wear gloves, mask.  Divider of plexiglass between them.  Score collector will carry a bag or plastic bin for score sheets so she does not handle paper.

Scoring team to wear gloves and/or use hand sanitizer frequently when handling score sheets

Recommend riders wear gloves/use hand sanitizer when picking up score sheets

Scores to be posted online.  If scores are posted on a board, only 1 person at a time may look at the board with mask on.  Others must line up 6 feet apart with masks on.

Show Jumping

Judge and timer to practice social distancing.  Judge wears gloves/use hand sanitizer when handling paper scoresheets

Ring crew wears mask and gloves/use of hand sanitizer when handling jumps.  Sanitizer to be used on jump cups between divisions

Scoring may take place at the SJ ring on computer (to reduce handling of paper)

Assigned times for course walks and rides

Social distancing with masks worn by all during course walks

Cross Country

XC maps to be available online to competitors to reduce paper handling.

Social distancing, masks to be worn by all in attendance during the briefing.

Radios to be sanitized prior to handing out.  Jump Judges should wear gloves/use hand sanitizer when handling paper scoresheets, radios.

Score collector to wear gloves, mask and place paper score sheets in bag or plastic bin to avoid contact with paper sheets.

Ideally a scorer can be posting scores while socially distanced from Control to reduce handling of paper.

Assigned times for course walks and rides.

Social distancing with masks worn by all in a group.

Scores to be posted  online.

Ribbons to be distributed with minimal handling.


Food vendors discouraged to prevent mingling.  Prepackaged food may be considered but competitors are encouraged to bring their own food, drinks.

Lunches for volunteers should be prepared ahead of time and distributed at the briefing.

Anyone with fever, symptoms must stay home.  If a person is not well during the event, they must have temperature checked by EMT and referred to Covid 19 testing site as indicated. 

Hand sanitizer to be available at Portalets competition rings, secretary’s office and in stabling area.


Enforcement Authority

 The Competition organizer has the authority to remove from the facility any person who does not comply with the regulations and requirements in effect at the competition.  Stewards/Technical Delegates must report the removal of any person from competition grounds for non-compliance with regulations and requirements in effect at the competition in the TD Report.

Waiver/Release & Indemnity Agreement

Provide emergency contact information and execute an updated Waiver and Release of Liability, Assumptions of Risk and Indemnity Agreement required by USEF and MSEDA, as a condition of participation.  This must be signed by all competitors, volunteers, Officials, competition staff, trainers and parent of minor competitors.

Midsouth Eventing & Dressage Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

MSEDA’s mission is to promote and preserve the sports of Eventing and Dressage in the Mid-South area, by providing leadership and education to its members and the community at large. To further these goals, MSEDA will provide educational opportunities, fair and safe competitions, promote the welfare of the horse and rider and reward the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the FEI level.

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