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MSEDA Year-End Awards Notice for Members

07/07/2016 7:32 PM | Anonymous

By Mandy Alexander

Are you interested in getting year-end awards with MSEDA? All members still need to achieve eight (8) hours of volunteering. Four of those hours have to be at either the MSEDA Dressage at the Park show or at Midsouth Team Challenge Horse Trials. There are a couple of awards that need a little extra to achieve. We have put together a list of these awards to help all of our members get the most out of their MSEDA Award experience! Get your information and needs in NOW to have a chance to win these fabulous year end awards!

The FEI Certificate of Achievement

What is it? This award is given in Dressage to any member who completes an FEI test with a minimum score of 57% at a USEF/USDF recognized competition.

What to do to be eligible? You need a copy of YOUR qualifying dressage test from the FEI show. It must have a judge’s signature (but if it’s from the FEI show, it will have it because judges have to sign every test). This must be submitted to the MSEDA Points Secretary along with information on date and location and name of the FEI show you competed in.

ßThe Eventing High Point Adult Amateur Award

What is it? This award is given to the adult amateur (over the age of 21) who has amassed the greatest number of points competing in eventing during the competition year

What to do to be eligible? Submit a copy of your amateur card to the MSEDA Points Secretary!

The Pony Club Award ---> 

What is it? This award is given to the MSEDA member in good standing who accumulates the highest number of points and is also a member of Pony Club.

What to do to be eligible? Notify the MSEDA Points Secretary of your Pony Club status!

Important Note Points on this award don’t start accumulating until the Points Secretary is notified!

The Hall of Distinction Award

What is it? It is awarded to any MSEDA member who completes an FEI competition (Dressage or Eventing). A trophy plaque will be presented in the initial year of induction. Each subsequent completion will be recognized with a new brass plate to be added to the plaque.

What to do to be eligible? Members must self-report for this award. Proof of FEI completion must be sent to the MSEDA Points Secretary

ßThe Grasshopper Award

What is it? Awarded annually to the high point OTTB in the Eventing division.

What to do to be eligible? The horse must be tattooed and nominated for eligibility. Members must notify the MSEDA Points Secretary.

So, if you think you would like to apply for any of these awards please notify the MSEDA Points Secretary, Mary Margaret Sterling as soon as possible! Imagine, you could have a lovely perpetual award or certificate or plaque to show off as a reminder of your achievements for the year! Good luck and happy competing MSEDA!

Midsouth Eventing & Dressage Association is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

MSEDA’s mission is to promote and preserve the sports of Eventing and Dressage in the Mid-South area, by providing leadership and education to its members and the community at large. To further these goals, MSEDA will provide educational opportunities, fair and safe competitions, promote the welfare of the horse and rider and reward the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the FEI level.

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