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Year-End Awards Volunteer Hours

The Midsouth Eventing and Dressage Association has a unique requirement for membership in addition to paying dues: members must volunteer at events to be eligible for year-end honors.

While this may seem onerous to some, the number of hours to volunteer is not a burden: Members must donate 8 hours of their time total, over the course of the competition year (December 1 through the end of the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event in October as it is the last horse show in the area). Four of these volunteer hours can be at any MSEDA-sanctioned show, but the other four hours must be at either MSEDA Dressage in the Park or Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge. Members can obtain hours by fence judging, stewarding, bit checking, scoring and jump crewing, to name just a few possibilities. Riders, too, are eligible for these awards in the division in which they compete. For example; a rider who competes in Preliminary Eventing is eligible for awards at that level. If the same rider competes at Preliminary Combined Tests and First Level Dressage, they will be eligible in those categories as well. If they garner the most points of all of the competitors in a given discipline (Eventing, Dressage or Combined Tests), they are eligible for overall High Point Rider, Overall High Point Horse or Mare of the Year, Master Rider (for adults over the age of 50), Junior/Young Rider (for anyone under the age of 21), or special awards such as the Grasshopper Award, for the High Point Thoroughbred, or the Pony Club Award for active Pony Club members who are also MSEDA members, to name a few.

New for 2020

Starting in 2020 if you attend a regularly sanctioned MSEDA show (one the show sanctions, not an individual person) - the volunteer coordinator/show secretary will turn in the volunteer hours for you! No need to get a signed copy and send in! It’s still a good idea to keep checking individual hours and contact the Board Administrator if they seem wrong.

Secondly, ALL JUNIOR MEMBERS ONLY! Junior members only can get ALL of their hours at any regularly sanctioned MSEDA show. We have taken off the rule where half has to be at MSEDA at the Park or Hagyard Team Challenge. This is for Juniors only.

Lastly, all other members now have a choice to do half of their hours at double the credit hours for MSEDA Team Challenge and Dressage at the Park. They can do their other half at any regular MSEDA sanctioned show.

If a member is interested in a special award such as the Pony Club Award, the Grasshopper Award, the Adult Amateur Award, or the Hall of Distinction they must notify Anthony (Administrator) in writing at MSEDA, P.O.Box 338, Georgetown, KY 40324 that they would like to be considered. Points for those awards will not start accruing until Anthony is notified directly in writing.

In addition to being eligible for year-end ridden awards, there are also year-end awards that recognize the people who accrue the most volunteer hours during the competition year called the Volunteer Awards. Twentyfive people who accumulate the most hours are recognized at the MSEDA banquet.

2021 Year-End Volunteer Hours

Updated April 13, 2021

Last First Hours Show Donated By
Adams Gabrielle 3.00 SPRINGBAY
Aldridge Janel 8.00 SPRBAY-CB
Andres Mary Ann 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Andres Sarah 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Aschbacher Emily 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Austin Shannon 4.00 SB-MAR
Bailey Paula 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Barbato Karen 10.00 SPC-MAR20
Baumgardner Vicki 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Bellocq Bridget 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Beneigh Nikki 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Berlson Jenny 7.00 SB-NOV
Brennan Kristen 10.00 SPC-MAR20
Brown Megan 8.00 CBPC-MAR
Brown Nora 4.00 CBPC-MAR
Burns Morgan 4.00 SB-MAR
Camins Amy 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Carr Megan 5.00 KDA-NOV22
Cassini Connie 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Catlette Mary 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Church Stephanie 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Coleman Katharine 5.00 SB-NOV
Coleman Vanessa 5.00 SB-NOV
Cozzi Audrey 5.00 SB-NOV
Cozzi Coreta 5.00 SB-NOV
Crowl Laura 20.00 SB-MAR
Crump Isobel 7.00 SPRBAY-CB
Deaton Allison 4.00 KDA-NOV22
Deeble Carol 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Defler Jessena 4.50 KDA-NOV22
Defler Melinda 5.00 KDA-NOV22
Dickey Jodi 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Eigel Claryce 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Endfinger Mandy 10.00 SPC-MAR20
Fairman Carol 6.00 KDA-NOV22
Greathouse Caroline 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Hardy Jennifer 10.00 SB-NOV
Hardy Jennifer 4.50 SB-MAR
Hardy Jennifer 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Hardy Jenny 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Hayner Chris 6.00 SPRBAY-CB
Heileman Diane 4.00 KDA-NOV22
Hitron Maggie 4.00 SB-MAR
Holmes Janice 6.00 SPRBAY-CB
Hughes Valerie 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Hutchenson Jeanna 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Jackson Gail 12.00 SPC-MAR20
Jackson Gail 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Johns Mareen 4.00 KDA-NOV22
Kemphues Erin 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Kidder Robin 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Kimmel Pam 5.00 SB-NOV
Kimmel Pam 5.00 SB-MAR
Kimmel Pam 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Kirkpatrick Gary 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Kirkpatrick Lee 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Kline Samantha 5.00 SB-MAR
Kline Samantha 9.00 SB-NOV
Knochelmann Kara 2.00 SPC-MAR20
Knochelmann Kim 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Lampert Katie 4.00 SB-MAR
Lawrence Julie 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Lebo Joyce 4.00 SB-MAR
Lee Carol 7.00 SPRBAY-CB
Lewis Corinna 2.00 SPC-MAR20
Lovings Shana 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Maddock Andrea 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Magsam Julia 5.00 SB-NOV
Magsam Julia 5.00 SB-MAR
Magsam Kathleen 6.00 SB-NOV
Maxton-Harvey Bonnie 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
McGinley Ron 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Merhant Judi 4.00 KDA-NOV22
Messner Lowelle 7.00 SPRBAY-CB
Millard Spence 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Moise Nancy 15.00 SB-MAR
Monroe BettyAnn 5.00 SB-MAR
Moore Karen 6.00 KDA-NOV22
Moore Karen 10.00 KDA-NOV22
Moore Melissa 5.00 SB-NOV
Moore Melissa 9.00 SB-MAR
Moraniec Maria 4.50 KDA-NOV22
Northrop Megan 10.00 CBPC-MAR
Ogden Jean 6.00 SPRBAY-CB
Patenaude Nicole 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Perachik Karin 8.00 SB-MAR
Pierce Vivian 4.00 SB-MAR
Postletheweight Megan 4.00 SB-MAR
Powell Rachel 5.00 SPC-MAR20
Reynolds Jan 7.00 SPC-MAR20
Riley Katie 10.00 SPC-MAR20
Robertson Leeann 16.00 SB-MAR
Scherbak Carol 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Sherbak Carol 9.00 SPC-MAR20
Shropshire James 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Smitherson Collyn 5.00 SB-MAR
Sparks Johnnie 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Steele Cheryl 7.00 SPRBAY-CB
Steinbock Annie 2.00 KDA-NOV22
Stobbs Gemma 5.00 SB-NOV
Stobbs Jacquelyn 5.00 SB-NOV
Thomas Heather 4.50 SB-MAR
Thomas Patricia 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Truitt Ashlee 4.00 SB-MAR
Van Lehn Laura 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Van Lehn Todd 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Vettel Lynne 5.00 SPRBAY-CB
Vogt Rudy 10.00 SPRBAY-CB
Voll Laura 5.00 SB-NOV
Voll Laura 4.50 SB-MAR
Weber Carol 3.50 KDA-NOV22
Weimers Ashley 4.00 SB-MAR
Weissmann Mandy 20.00 SPC-MAR20
White Shawna 4.50 SB-MAR
Woerth Sheila 6.00 KDA-NOV22
Woodall Jesse 9.00 SPRBAY-CB
Zoeller Janet 5.00 KDA-NOV22

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MSEDA’s mission is to promote and preserve the sports of Eventing and Dressage in the Mid-South area, by providing leadership and education to its members and the community at large. To further these goals, MSEDA will provide educational opportunities, fair and safe competitions, promote the welfare of the horse and rider and reward the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the FEI level.

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