Mid-South Eventing & Dressage Association

Year-End Awards Volunteer Hours

The Midsouth Eventing and Dressage Association has a unique requirement for membership in addition to paying dues: members must volunteer at events to be eligible for year-end honors.

While this may seem onerous to some, the number of hours to volunteer is not a burden: Members must donate 8 hours of their time total, over the course of the competition year (December 1 through the end of the Hagyard Midsouth Three-Day Event in October as it is the last horse show in the area). Four of these volunteer hours can be at any MSEDA-sanctioned show, but the other four hours must be at either MSEDA Dressage in the Park or Hagyard Midsouth Team Challenge. Members can obtain hours by fence judging, stewarding, bit checking, scoring and jump crewing, to name just a few possibilities. Riders, too, are eligible for these awards in the division in which they compete. For example; a rider who competes in Preliminary Eventing is eligible for awards at that level. If the same rider competes at Preliminary Combined Tests and First Level Dressage, they will be eligible in those categories as well. If they garner the most points of all of the competitors in a given discipline (Eventing, Dressage or Combined Tests), they are eligible for overall High Point Rider, Overall High Point Horse or Mare of the Year, Master Rider (for adults over the age of 50), Junior/Young Rider (for anyone under the age of 21), or special awards such as the Grasshopper Award, for the High Point Thoroughbred, or the Pony Club Award for active Pony Club members who are also MSEDA members, to name a few.

New for 2020

Starting in 2020 if you attend a regularly sanctioned MSEDA show (one the show sanctions, not an individual person) - the volunteer coordinator/show secretary will turn in the volunteer hours for you. No need to get a signed copy and send in. It’s still a good idea to keep checking individual hours and contact the Board Administrator if they seem wrong.

Secondly, ALL JUNIOR MEMBERS ONLY! Junior members only can get ALL of their hours at any regularly sanctioned MSEDA show. We have taken off the rule where half has to be at MSEDA at the Park or Hagyard Team Challenge. This is for Juniors only.

If a member is interested in a special award such as the Pony Club Award, the Grasshopper Award, the Adult Amateur Award, or the Hall of Distinction they must notify Anthony (Administrator) in writing at MSEDA, P.O.Box 338, Georgetown, KY 40324 that they would like to be considered. Points for those awards will not start accruing until Anthony is notified directly in writing.

In addition to being eligible for year-end ridden awards, there are also year-end awards that recognize the people who accrue the most volunteer hours during the competition year called the Volunteer Awards. Twenty five people who accumulate the most hours are recognized at the MSEDA banquet.

If you for some reason need the volunteer form still it can be downloaded here.

Unfortunately screenshots from the USEA VIP website are not acceptable for reporting.
VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS should send information directly to MSEDA in Excel, Word or similar format
just the following information: Volunteer first and last name, total number of hours.

2022 Year-End Volunteer Hours

Updated May 11, 2022

Looking for your missing hours? Check with the volunteer coordinator at the event to see if they sent us your hours. 

Name Hours Donated By Show
Mary Ann Andres 9.5 SBAY
Mary Ann Andres 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sarah Andres 9.5 SBAY
Nicole Angst 9.5 PF-CHRH
Tara Armbruster 3.5 PF-CHRH
Emily Aschbacher 8.5 SBAY
Tanya Ashinhurst 11 LRK3DE-CB
Charlotte Assor 11 LRK3DE-CG
Brooke Babcock 3 PF-CHRH
Amber  Bagby 10 LRK3DE-CG
Jordyn Bagby 10 LRK3DE-CG
Christina Bailey 4.5 PF-CHRH
Paula Bailey 11 LRK3DE-CB
Karen Barbato 5 SPC-MAR
Vicki Baumgardner 11 SBAY
Vicki Baumgardner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Pamela Becker 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Bridget Bellocq 11 LRK3DE-CB
Nikki Beneigh 8.5 SBAY
Deanna Berreth 5.5 PF-CHRH
Deanna Berreth 11 LRK3DE-CB
Brad Bixler 11 LRK3DE-CB
Katie Blair 3.3 PF-CHRH
Kim Blair 10 LRK3DE-CG
Aramie Bloom 9 LRK3DE-CG
Danielle Bobo 1 SB-MAR
Deborah Boeh 11 LRK3DE-CB
Paul Boling 6 PF-CHRH
Margaret Borg 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carolyn Borgert 21 LRK3DE-CB
John Bottom 3 PF-CHRH
John Bottom 9.5 PF-CHRH
Nikki Boucuvalas 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lynn Bowen 11 LRK3DE-CB
Brian Bowman 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carrol Bowman 11 LRK3DE-CB
Gloria Bowman 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sarah Bratko 11 LRK3DE-CB
David Brendamour 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kristen Brennan 8 SPC-MAR
Shyann Brewer 6 PF-CHRH
Janese Briegel 8 SB-MAR
Victoria Broadus 10 LRK3DE-CB
Brad Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Cody Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Isabelle Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jessica Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Keara Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kelly Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kim Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sarah Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Shirley Brown 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rachel Bryant 11 LRK3DE-CB
Brenda Buck-Smith 11 LRK3DE-CB
Michele Buford 10.5 SBAY
Michele Buford 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jeannine Buhse 11 LRK3DE-DH
Kendall Butterworth 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carrie Cairo 5 PF-CHRH
Sophia Cairo 5 PF-CHRH
Alyson Callahan 11 LRK3DE-CB
Karina Calvano 10 LRK3DE-CG
Mike Calvano 10 LRK3DE-CG
Amy Camins 10.5 SBAY
Amy Camins 11 LRK3DE-DH
Jessie Carr 5 SPC-MAR
Joe Carr 3.3 PF-CHRH
Joe Carr 16 LRK3DE-MC
Megan Carr 60 LRK3DE-MC
Kristy Cartier 11 LRK3DE-CB
Connie Cassini 11 LRK3DE-CB
Mary Catlette 11 LRK3DE-CB
Barbara Cherosky 11 LRK3DE-CB
Roger Chick 11 LRK3DE-CB
Brydon Christensen 11 LRK3DE-DH
Stephanie Church 5.5 SPC-MAR
Jean Cibula 11 LRK3DE-CB
Annie Cissell 11 LRK3DE-CB
Roger Clark 11 LRK3DE-CB
Bev Clemens 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rachel Clemens 11 LRK3DE-CB
Severiano Colangelo 10 LRK3DE-CG
Katharine Coleman 15 SB-MAR
Katherine Coleman 9.5 PF-CHRH
Sadie Collins 10.75 LRK3DE-CG
Kaitlyn Colliver 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sue Colliver 11 LRK3DE-CB
James Daniel Conner III  9 LRK3DE-CG
Commer Cook 5 LRK3DE-MC
Constanze Coon 10 LRK3DE-CG
William Coon 10 LRK3DE-CG
Carol Copas-McCarty 11 LRK3DE-CB
Brad Corey 10 LRK3DE-CG
Audrey Cozzi 4.75 LRK3DE-CG
Lea Crain 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kassie Creed 10 LRK3DE-CG
Jennifer Crossen 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carol Crowl 16 SB-MAR
Laura Crowl 4 Carol Crowl SB-MAR
Anne Czerwonka 11 LRK3DE-DH
Madelin Darby 10 LRK3DE-CG
Carol Deeble 10.5 SBAY
Robert DeGrie 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ellie Derringer 10 LRK3DE-CG
Aaron  Derringer  10 LRK3DE-CG
Nevaeh Desgraviers 4.5 PF-CHRH
Ellen DeWitt 11 LRK3DE-CB
Emily Dinsmore 10 LRK3DE-CG
Judy Donahoe 4 PF-CHRH
Judy Donahoe 6 PF-CHRH
Jenna Dougherty 11 LRK3DE-CB
Paula Dubaniewicz 11 LRK3DE-CB
Molly Dudek 5.5 PF-CHRH
Molly Dudek 11 PF-CHRH
Henry Duncan 10 LRK3DE-CG
Susie Duncan 6.5 PF-CHRH
Nannette Eichel 9.5 PF-CHRH
Nanette Eickell 20 SB-MAR
Claryce Eigel 11 LRK3DE-CB
Fonda Eigel 11 LRK3DE-CB
Mandy Endfinger 10 SPC-MAR
Margy Faloney 11 LRK3DE-CB
Michael Fein 10 LRK3DE-CG
Leah Fleming 11 LRK3DE-CB
Genie Fortunato 11 LRK3DE-CB
brandy Franklin 10 LRK3DE-CG
Kathy Fressard 11 LRK3DE-CB
Josh Furlong 11 LRK3DE-CB
Laura Furlong 11 LRK3DE-CB
Morgan Garrett 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lou Gerbino 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sandy Gerbino 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ella Graham 10 LRK3DE-CG
Hannah Graham 10 LRK3DE-CG
Lisa Graham 9.5 LRK3DE-CG
Hal Greer III 11 LRK3DE-CB
Preston Grimes 6 PF-CHRH
Jordan Gross 9.5 PF-CHRH
Sarah Growney 11 LRK3DE-CB
Diane Guffey 9.5 PF-CHRH
Ross Guffey 9.5 PF-CHRH
Alexander Guido 11 LRK3DE-CB
David Guido 11 LRK3DE-CB
Myra Guido 11 LRK3DE-CB
Maryann Hamilton 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lynn Hamler-Bonar 11 LRK3DE-CB
Andrea Hannahan 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jen Hardy 6 SB-MAR
Jenny Hardy 6 SPC-MAR
Heidi Hayes 11 LRK3DE-CB
Chris Hayner 4 SBAY
Kim Henry 11 LRK3DE-CB
Marjorie Hines 11 LRK3DE-CB
Danna Hinkle 11 LRK3DE-CB
Debbie Hinkle 7 SBAY
Debbie Hinkle 35 LRK3DE-DH
Debbie Hinkle 11 LRK3DE-DH
Troy Hinkle 11 LRK3DE-CB
Martha Hochendoner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jamie Hoff 10 LRK3DE-CG
Russ Hoff 11 PF-CHRH
Liza Holland 11 LRK3DE-CB
Janice Holmes 4 SBAY
Janice Holmes 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lisa Howard 10 LRK3DE-CG
Valerie Hughes 10.5 SBAY
Valerie Hughes 11 LRK3DE-CB
Frances Hultgren 11 LRK3DE-CB
Geoffrey Hultgren 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lavinia Hultgren 11 LRK3DE-CB
Harper Hutchins 11 LRK3DE-CB
Mary Hutchins 11 LRK3DE-CB
Hope Ingalls 11 LRK3DE-CB
Gail Ingersoll 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kristen Ingram 6.5 LRK3DE-CG
Caecilia Isenhart 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Freya Isenhart 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Isabell Isenhart 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Lars Isenhart 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Lucia Isenhart 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Gail Jackson 8 SPC-MAR
Cathy Jacob 11 LRK3DE-CB
Wyatt Jacobs 6 PF-CHRH
Ashley Jamison 11 LRK3DE-DH
Bernard Jankowski 10 LRK3DE-CG
Lynda Jankowski 10 LRK3DE-CG
Cara Jarrell 10 LRK3DE-CG
Sarah Jax 11 LRK3DE-CB
Amanda Jayne 2 SPC-MAR
Ben Jones 11 LRK3DE-CB
Heidi Jones 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ryleigh Jones 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sharon Jones 11 LRK3DE-CB
Erin Kemphues 10.5 SBAY
Erin Kemphues 11 LRK3DE-DH
Charmaine Kern 10 LRK3DE-CG
Robin Kidder 11 LRK3DE-CB
Pam Kimmel 6 SB-MAR
Audrey King 11 LRK3DE-CB
Laura Kinsey 11 LRK3DE-CB
Heather Kircher 11 LRK3DE-CB
Gary Kirkpatrick 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lee Kirkpatrick 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carrie Kisko 11 LRK3DE-CB
Samantha Kline 5 SB-MAR
Andrea Klingelhafer 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jessica Klingelhafer 11 LRK3DE-CB
Susan Klingelhafer 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kim Knockleman 5 SPC-MAR
Sally Kobee 10 LRK3DE-CG
Aalyshah Kocher 11 LRK3DE-CB
Robin Koehler 9.5 LRK3DE-CG
Diane Komodowski 3 LRK3DE-CB
Laura Kovacs 11 LRK3DE-CB
Judi Kuhl 8 SBAY
Judi Kuhl 11 LRK3DE-CB
Linda La Prad 11 LRK3DE-CB
David Ladd 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kenda Ladd 11 LRK3DE-CB
Margaret Landwehr 11 LRK3DE-CB
Julie Lawrence 14 LRK3DE-DH
Carol Lee 10.5 SBAY
Carol Lee 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carrie Lee 11 LRK3DE-CB
Don Lee 11 LRK3DE-CB
Angie Leihy 11 LRK3DE-CB
Dave Leonard 3 PF-CHRH
Corinna Lewis 80 SPC-MAR
John Logsdon 10.5 SBAY
Kristine M Lohr 10 LRK3DE-CG
John Loosararian 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ann Lowe 12 LRK3DE-CB
Ashleigh Lunsford 10 LRK3DE-CG
David Lynd 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ruth Lynd 11 LRK3DE-CB
Pedro Machado 6 PF-CHRH
Caitlin MacRae 11 LRK3DE-CB
Andrea Maddock 10 SBAY
Andrea Maddock 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carolyn Maftelu 11 LRK3DE-CB
Beth Maldinger 10 LRK3DE-CG
Karen Mann 11 LRK3DE-CB
Julia Manning 11 LRK3DE-CB
Diann Marksberry 11 LRK3DE-CB
John Marshall 10 LRK3DE-CG
Tina S Matejka 9.75 LRK3DE-CG
Andrew Matheny 6 LRK3DE-CB
Jeri Matheny 6 LRK3DE-CB
Bonnie Maxton-Harvey 11 LRK3DE-CB
Patricia May 11 LRK3DE-CB
Melissa Mayo 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sue McBeth 11 LRK3DE-CB
Don McCarty 11 LRK3DE-CB
Bill  McCullough 11 LRK3DE-DH
Sara McCullough 11 LRK3DE-DH
Anne McElroy 11 LRK3DE-CB
Elizabeth (Carli) McGinley 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ron McGinley 11 SBAY
Ron McGinley 18 LRK3DE-CB
Lauren McKenzie 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ashley McKnight 10.5 SBAY
Blake McWhorter 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kimberlee Meeks 11 LRK3DE-CB
Laura Mei Skulan 11 LRK3DE-CB
Lowelle Messner 6.5 SBAY
Lowelle Messner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Paul Messner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Daniel Michaels 11 LRK3DE-CB
James Millar 11 LRK3DE-CB
Margaret Millar 11 LRK3DE-CB
Spence Millard 10.5 SBAY
Spence Millard 9 LRK3DE-CB
Janet Miller 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jennifer Milliner 11 LRK3DE-CB
William Milliner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Susan Milovich 11 LRK3DE-CB
Amy Monarch 5 SB-MAR
Betty Ann Monroe 6 SB-MAR
Isabelle Montes 11 LRK3DE-CB
Renee Montes 11 LRK3DE-CB
William Montes 8 SB-MAR
William Montes 11 LRK3DE-CB
Caroline Morales 10 LRK3DE-CG
Mia Morales 10 LRK3DE-CG
Susan Moran 11 LRK3DE-CB
Martha Morris 11 LRK3DE-CB
Melanie Murphy 11 LRK3DE-CG
Lynn Nelson 11 LRK3DE-CB
Barb Nikolajczyk 9.75 LRK3DE-CG
Cathy Norman 9.5 LRK3DE-CG
Rachel Norton 11 LRK3DE-CB
Sharon O'Bannion 10 SPC-MAR
Jean Ogden 10.5 SBAY
Jean Ogden 11 LRK3DE-CB
Susan Olah 11 LRK3DE-CB
Bethany Oliveira 11 LRK3DE-CB
Isabeli Oliveira 11 LRK3DE-CB
Melanie Ortega 11 LRK3DE-CB
Margaret Ostrowski 11 LRK3DE-CB
Hunter Ovington 11 LRK3DE-CB
Angela Page 10 LRK3DE-CG
Rylan  Page 10 LRK3DE-CG
Christine Pasko 10 LRK3DE-CG
Randy Pasko 10 LRK3DE-CG
Nicole Patenaude 10.5 SBAY
Nicole Patenaude 11 LRK3DE-CB
Karen Pekarchik 25 SB-MAR
Edward Perez 11 LRK3DE-CB
Autumn Perry 10 LRK3DE-CG
David Perry 10 LRK3DE-CG
Emma Perry 10 LRK3DE-CG
Jeff Pesho 10 LRK3DE-CG
Bob Pettite 9 PF-CHRH
Amy Piccaluga 11 LRK3DE-CB
Tamara Pigeon 9.5 LRK3DE-CG
Margaret Potorski 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jenna Potter 9 PF-CHRH
Derrick Powell 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kiley Power 10 LRK3DE-CG
Michelle Prosser 11 LRK3DE-CB
Elizabeth Pruitt 10.5 SBAY
Tim Reece 6 PF-CHRH
Tim Reese 10 PF-CHRH
Hannah Reeser 11 LRK3DE-CB
Virginia Reeser 11 LRK3DE-CB
Robinson Regen 11 LRK3DE-CB
Eric Retford 11 LRK3DE-CB
Suzzane Richards 11 PF-CHRH
Rebecca Rickly 11 LRK3DE-CB
Katie Riley 5 SPC-MAR
Sadie Rizutto 10 LRK3DE-CG
Zoe Rizzuto 10 LRK3DE-CG
Lee Ann Roberts 5 SB-MAR
Carol Robertson 11 LRK3DE-CB
Leigh Anne Robertson 9.5 PF-CHRH
Sharon Robinson 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kelly Rover 20 SPC-MAR
David Rummler 10 LRK3DE-CG
Kim Rumpsa 10 LRK3DE-CG
Bambi Rushton 11 LRK3DE-CB
Shelly Ryan 3 PF-CHRH
Whitney Rymer 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rebecca Rymer Werling 11 LRK3DE-CB
Heather Sallie 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carol Scherbak 12 SPC-MAR
Carol Scherbak 4.5 SBAY
Carol Scherbak 3 PF-CHRH
Katie Schmidt 11 LRK3DE-CB
Priscilla Schmidt 11 LRK3DE-CB
Mike Schmitt 3.3 PF-CHRH
Erin Schuler 11 LRK3DE-CB
Leslie Scott 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rosie Seitz 10 LRK3DE-CG
Vanessa Seitz 10 LRK3DE-CG
Daunna Sellers 11 LRK3DE-CB
Agnes Serenko 11 LRK3DE-CB
Roger Shook 9.5 PF-CHRH
James Shoop 11 LRK3DE-CB
Julie Shreve 11 LRK3DE-CB
James Shropshire 11 LRK3DE-CB
Stacey Siegel 5 SB-MAR
Sylvia Skinner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Dana Skulan 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jennifer Slade 11 LRK3DE-CB
David Slagle 11 LRK3DE-CB
Madeleine Sliwoski 10 LRK3DE-CG
Tiffany Smith 11 LRK3DE-DH
Bev Snider 2 LRK3DE-CB
Lori Snider 11 LRK3DE-CB
Debbie Snyder 11 LRK3DE-DH
Jeannie Snyder 11 LRK3DE-CG
Michael Snyder 11 LRK3DE-DH
Alison Sparks 14 LRK3DE-DH
Johnnie Sparks 14 LRK3DE-DH
Sarah Spitzer 11 LRK3DE-CB
Linda Spraggs 10 SPC-MAR
Cheryl Steele 11 LRK3DE-CB
Bill Steinman 4 PF-CHRH
Scott Stelow 10 LRK3DE-CG
Melanie Stewart 11 LRK3DE-CB
Chesna Stinnett 8 PF-CHRH
Debbie Stith 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carrie Stith-Webster 11 LRK3DE-CB
Collin Stobbs 2 SB-MAR
Liz Sweeney 11 LRK3DE-CB
Kim Tamburri 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rick Tamburri 11 LRK3DE-CB
Cynthia Tann 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Heather Tann 9.5 LRK3DE-CB
Heather Thomas 9 SB-MAR
Renee Thomas 11 LRK3DE-CB
Katharine  Tincher 10 LRK3DE-CG
Judy Tudor 11.5 PF-CHRH
Claire Van Hoose 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jonathan Van Hoose 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rhianna Van Hoose 11 LRK3DE-CB
Laura Van Lehn 10.5 SBAY
Laura Van Lehn 11 LRK3DE-CB
Todd Van Lehn 10.5 SBAY
Todd Van Lehn 11 LRK3DE-CB
Carol Venn 10 LRK3DE-CG
Lynne Vettel 11 LRK3DE-CB
Rudy Vogt III 21 LRK3DE-CB
Michelle Wadley 11 LRK3DE-CB
Linda Waller 11 LRK3DE-CB
Aurora Warford 11 LRK3DE-CB
Jen Warner 11 LRK3DE-CB
Holly Weimers 9.5 SBAY
Mandy Weismann 80 SPC-MAR
Jena White 3 PF-CHRH
Jena White 2 PF-CHRH
Shawna White 7 SB-MAR
Ellie Whitti 6 PF-CHRH
Monica Whitty 11 LRK3DE-CB
Tracey Wiater-Herbert 11 LRK3DE-CB
Ann Clair Will 10.5 SBAY
Terri Wilp 11 LRK3DE-DH
Ellie Witty 1 PF-CHRH
Sheila Woerth 3 PF-CHRH
Sheila Woerth 11.5 PF-CHRH
Gaye Wong 11 LRK3DE-CB
Brittany  Young 10 LRK3DE-CG
Mariann Zeitlan 5 SPC-MAR
Marian Zeitlin 11 LRK3DE-CB
Catherine Zirker 11 LRK3DE-CB

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MSEDA’s mission is to promote and preserve the sports of Eventing and Dressage in the Mid-South area, by providing leadership and education to its members and the community at large. To further these goals, MSEDA will provide educational opportunities, fair and safe competitions, promote the welfare of the horse and rider and reward the pursuit of excellence from the grass roots to the FEI level.

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