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There’s An App for That: Apps for Equine Health and Welfare (and Fun!)

08/15/2017 9:39 AM | Anonymous
The invention of smartphones has made equestrians lives so much easier. From tracking health and vaccination records, miles logged, equine heart rates and local tack swaps (and not to mention just how easy it is to take snaps of your four-legged love!), it’s wonderful to have all equine info at your fingertips.

By Sarah E. Coleman

The vast majority of us are a little too connected to our phones, taking them with us everywhere we go and sleeping with them next to our beds at night. While some could see this connectivity as an issue, for obsessive horse owners (and really, isn’t that all of us?), this kind of knowledge at our fingertips is a fantastic way to help us feed our equine organization obsession.

With this in mind, here are some apps you might enjoy:

Hey NEIGHbor

Find and list horses, tack, livestock, barn supplies and more. Easy uploads and searching, you can filter to find local items or those within your budget. All posts are removed 30 days after they are listed, so you know you won’t get your heart set on something that sold in 2015.

Keep your horse’s gaits as even as possible with EquiTempo, which allows you to figure out the beats per minute (BPM) of any gait. Then set the app for the desired speed and EquiTemp ticks like a metronome.

Horse Rider SOS
This app will alert your emergency contacts when you have parted ways with your steed and indicate your exact GPS location for rescue. Now if only finding your horse were this easy!

Manage individual horse’s feed, health, repro records, performance and training, or view all of the horses in your barn. You can also record expense and income and pictures of everything from receipts to injuries.

Coach My Video
Coach My Video allows you to upload photos and videos, and annotate them with lines (frame-by-frame) to check your alignment. You can then email the photos or videos to anyone.

Hay Price Calculator
Created by Regents of the University of Minnesota, this app will calculate hay price per ton, helping you choose the most cost-effective bundle.

EquiSketch Dressage
Help memorize your dressage test (in large or small arenas) by creating each movement of your test and then using an animated horse to perform the test.

Healthy Horse
Estimate your horse’s body weight for feeding and medication dosages by entering your horse’s height, girth circumference, body length and neck.

SmartPak SmartBlanket App
Create customized recommendations for your horse’s apparel based on the local weather conditions with the SmartPak SmartBlanket app.

Horseware Turnout Guide
This app gathers weather forecasts for three upcoming days and then makes recommendations on which Horseware turnout is best for your horse.

Stable Secretary
This app will help you keep equine business records and health records organized and get reminders about future appointments and due dates. You can add your team members (farrier, vet, etc.) and everyone can view and add info about your horse. Billing is also simplified.

Preloaded with a checklist of standard items you would need for a horse show, including vet documents, tack and rider equipment, this app is a must-have for those riders who constantly leave at least one necessary item at home! You can add items and check things off, as well.

Show Jumping Strides
This app allows you to estimate the number of strides between two fences in a line of stadium jumps. Simply enter the distance (in meters) between the fences in the “distance” box, the height of the fence (in meters), the prescriped meters per minutes and the type of fence (vertical, oxer, triple bar or water) and the app will estimate the number of strides between the two obstacles.

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