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New Year’s Resolutions, Rider Style

01/02/2018 10:00 AM | Anonymous

By Sarah E. Coleman

New Year’s resolutions generally fall into general categories: those that help us feel better (eat better/work out more/meet new people), those that make us a better person to others (volunteer more/spend more time with friends/let go of stress) or those that fulfill person goals (travel more/ don’t spend as much time on social media/read more).

The good news is, life with the horses can help us in almost every aspect of our lives, from being more active (ride more!) to expanding our social circle to reading more. Horse showing and even lessoning or trail riding exposes us to many people we wouldn’t normally get a chance to meet and engage with; reading books and blogs on everything from equine ailments to training and conditioning expands our base of equine knowledge and keeps us constantly learning.

What were some of your resolutions this year? No matter the area of the country or the discipline, many of the equestrian community’s goals remain the same:

To not grimace and make my horrible “concentrations face,” as I really am having fun! –Dr. Jill Stowe, Nicholasville, KY, dressage

Literally to just ride my horse. Simple as that! – Leah Alessandroni, Midway, KY, eventing

Megan Hephner

Listen to what my trainer says! – Meghan Hephner, Fort Worth, TX, reining

Try not to pull on my left rein. – Lexi Pejnovic, Panama City, FL, hunters

Chelsea Smith

Schedule horse time every day. All through 2017 I pushed my horses to the back burner so I could work more. I need more horse time. – Chelsea Smith, Paris, KY, eventing

To have fun with all my students! -- Heather James, Lexington, KY, eventing

To compete more than just schooling shows – Ashley Jamison, Lexington, KY, eventing

Remember how far we’ve come instead of worrying about how far I think we have to go – Natalie Nevills, Georgetown, KY, eventing

Be braver (I have literally no idea how to do this, but it’s my goal!) -- Leslie Potter, Lexington, KY, eventing

Get back into work after time off due to an injury (him) and busy semester (me); prove the long-ear sceptics wong; keep riding fun and training versatile. – Holly Jeanne, Iowa, Dressage

Outside rein! – Jenni Gelatt, MA, hunter

Enjoy the ride and just spending time with the horse. If we improve along the way, that’s just gravy. – Holly Caccamise, CA, eventer

Get my confidence back up and jump a nice, solid 2’6” course. – Chelsea Magee, Lexington, KY, jumper

Lauren Pontoppidan

Do more work without stirrups to improve my leg and improve my automatic release. – Lauren Pontoppidan, New Orleans, LA, hunter

Sarah Coleman

Ride more. Worry less. – Sarah Coleman, Lexington, KY, hunter

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