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Dazed and Confused? Don’t Let Illegal Tack Get You Eliminated!

01/10/2018 10:37 AM | Anonymous

If you’re looking to brush up on your competition knowledge before the 2018 show season gets into full swing, be sure to check out “Dazed and Confused? Bits, Bridles and Equipment: How Not to Get Eliminated,” which will be held on January 27 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Central Kentucky Riding for Hope at the Kentucky Horse Park.

By Sarah E. Coleman

Presented by Susan Moran, Karen Winn and Janice Holmes, all speakers in this must-attend educations forum are uniquely qualified to talk the ins-and-outs of legal tack. Susan is a USEF Technical Delegate in Dressage, and an FEI Steward in Eventing; Karen Winn is a USEF Dressage, Eventing and Western Dressage Judge, an Eventing TD, and an FEI Eventing Judge, TD and Chief Steward. Janie Holmes is a MSEDA member and eventing judge.

The cost of the forum is $50 for MSEDA officials and $25 for auditors; included in that fee is a tasty lunch, as well as coffee throughout the day.

Attendees are encouraged to ask questions, as well as bring in any tack or equipment about which they have questions. Tack will also be brought in by Karen and Susan to discuss.

  • An in-depth PowerPoint presentation will include:
  • Images of legal and illegal equipment
  • What a TD needs to know, including setting rings and judges booths
  • Western dressage
  • 2018 eventing dressage tests
  • New rule DR123.3, which details withdrawal from a class with or without judge’s permission (withdrawal without permission from the judge could result in a yellow card warning!)
  • Are “comfort bridles” legal?
  • The differences between legal dressage and eventing tack
  • How to apply the rules when officiating a mixed competition (i.e., a schooling show with a combined test as well as dressage and western dressage classes
  • Logos on saddlepads and fly veils
  • Boots and other leg protection
  • Ring steward duties
  • Bit checks

Covering information that is essential to those who show, this seminar will be invaluable for learning how not getting eliminated from competition for something minor like illegal tack. “As a TD, I find that there are a lot of questions on equipment now … the new comfort bridles are causing quite a stir as they must have throat latches for National shows and they must have clips instead of buckles,” explains Susan. “Eventing and dressage have [an overlap of equipment] that is not agreed upon,” with regards to legality, so it’s imperative that all competitors truly understand that rules that govern their discipline to alleviate fear of disqualification.

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