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Covered Bridge Pony Club Combined Test*

  • 03/18/2018
  • Stone Place Stables, Prospect, KY


Closing Date:  Complete entry should be postmarked and mailed by March 6, 2018.  See show bill for managing late entries.  Last day to put in mail is Mar 8; then hand delivery until Mar 12.

Non-sanctioned Division:

  •  Baby Starter - 2015 USDF Intro B    Stadium:  2ft. max; no oxers.  Dressage indoors; jump outside.
    Coats optional; no suede half-chaps; smooth snaffles only for dressage; armbands required for jumping.

MSEDA-Sanctioned Divisions:  

    **Coats optional for jumping thru Training per 2017 EV§114.5.a.  Solid color shirt with sleeves required.

  •    Starter       2015 USDF Intro C        Stadium:  2ft.3in max (includes oxers)
  •    Beg Nov    2018 Beg Nov Test A     Stadium:  2ft.7in max
  •    Novice       2018 Novice Test A        Stadium:  2ft.11in max
  •    Training     2018 Training Test A     Stadium:  3ft.3in max
  •    Prelim.       2018 Prelim Test A        Stadium:  3ft.7in max


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